Autori Titlu articol Secțiunea Pagina Limba
SÎRBU, Valeriu The weaponry and the comat or parade gear - marks of the prestige and social status in the tombs of the Bronze and Iron Ages - Introduction .11-12 engleză
BOCHNAK, Tomasz L'armenent dans les tombes feminines a l'age du fer en Pologne 13-36 franceză
BOUZEK, Jan Weapons in graves during the bronze and iron ages in Central Europe and Elsewhere 37-54 engleză
DMITROVIC, Katarina, LJUSTINA, Marija Notes on grave goods from the bronze and iron ages tombs in the West Morava Valley (Serbia) 55-79 engleză
FIALKO, Elena Scythian maces - the regalis of power 81-89 engleză
KASHUBA, Maya, LEVITSKY, Oleg Special marks of the Social status in burials of the middle 7th-6th centuries BC in the light of emergence of Early Scythian warriors in the eastern carpathia region (based on material from cemetery of Ztinca - Drumul Feteștilor) 91-122 engleză
DIMITROVIC, Katarina, LJUSTINA, Marija Elements prestige in the iron age graves from the West Morava Valley, Serbia 123-142 engleză
MARAZOV, Ivan The goddess Athena in the royal ideology of ancient Thrace 143-183 engleză
ARNĂUT, Tudor, NICULIȚĂ, Ion L'inventaire funeraire - une source informative Ou/et indice social et symbole religieux (base sur les materiels des necropoles du Ier millenaire av. J.C. de l'est des Carpates) 185-206 engleză
SAMOYLOVA, Tatyana Some remarks about weapon's semantics in the ancient necropolis of the North-Western Black Sea Region 207-216 engleză
SCHUSTER, Cristian Weaponry and its role in Southern Romania Bronze Age 217-233 engleză
SÎRBU, Valeriu, ȘTEFAN, Magdalena Images of gendered indenties. North-Thracian case 5th-3rd century BC 235-266 engleză
CHOCHOROWSKI, Jan, SKORI, Sergey About one group of parade swords of Scythian Age 267-281 engleză
TEFAN, Dan Some statistical remarks on classification of weapons deposited in graves 283-292 engleză
FRAGOU, Gely, TSARAVOPOULOS, Aris The case of burial monuments in greece legislation and reality 293-398 engleză